veronica mars

When a Kickstarter campaign for a Veronica Mars movie first went up, many people might not have believed it would become so incredibly popular. They raked in way more than they were hoping for and the movie when right into production. With just three weeks to go, fans of the show are eagerly awaiting the release of the flick. Now, it looks like there will even be a chance for us to see it on the genuine big screen if we see fit.

When Veronica Mars is released on March 14th, fans will be able to choose whether they want to see it via Video On Demand or, if they happen to be fortunate enough to be in one of the cities participating in the limited theater release, they can see it on the big screen. Luckily, there will be 270 different theaters showing the flick, so chances are that you’re near one of them.

What say you Nerd Readers? Is it better to see this on the big screen? Or is VOD good enough for you?


Thanks to THR for the heads-up.

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