We’ve finally got a trailer for the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Lost Missions that will be hitting Netflix later this March. There’s a lot of little tid-bits in the trailer and a ton of Yoda. What’s the little green Jedi Master up to this time?

This final season looks to be action packed and full of secrets that will be revealed. Why did Yoda end up on Dagoba? Why would he go to the planet that the SITH originated on? Does anyone find out about Order 66 before the order is given? Then there’s all the problems Anakin and Padame are facing as the republic begins to crumble.

What secret plot point that has yet to be revealed are you most interested in? Take a look at the trailer below. It should peak your interest in checking out not only the last season, but perhaps revisiting all those past seasons that will be streaming on Netflix instant on March 7th.

Via: Comingsoon

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