Conroy Reflects on 20-Plus Years as Batman


He’s played Batman longer than anybody, and he hasn’t had to spent even one day in the costume (unless, of course, he did so recreationally). Actor Kevin Conroy has been THE voice of Batman since Batman: The Animated Series first premiered in the fall of 1992 on Fox. Conroy’s voiced the Caped Crusader and his alter ego Bruce Wayne in roughly 10 series, seven movies and eight video games, and recently he did an interview with DC Comics to recount his nearly quarter of a century (?!?!?!) in the Batcave.

“I had absolutely no expectation that this job would turn into what it became,” Conroy said. “I started recording it in 1991, and it went on the air on Fox in 1992 as a prime time series. Then over 23 years, it just evolved from Batman: The Animated Series to The Adventures of Batman and Robin to Justice League and then Batman Beyond. Since then, there’s been the direct-to-video movies and now the Arkham games.”

“He’s such an iconic character,” he continued. “He’s such a part of the American cultural landscape. It’s an amazing thing to be a part of and to have contributed to. Like all actors, you never know where your career is going to go. You plan for things and you train for things, but you never really know the direction you’re going to go. So I had no idea that I was going to end up doing voice acting for animation and that I’d be voicing Batman. But it wound up working really well. The show is just a really good marriage of what I brought to the character and what Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, Andrea Romano and all the people putting the series together were looking for.”

Other nuggets that Conroy shared in the interview:

*It was his idea to create separate and distinct voices for both Batman and Bruce Wayne, thus emphasizing the difference between the the grimly serious crimefighter from the sunnier and sociable billionaire playboy. It was a maneuver that was used somewhat less successfully in the Dark Knight films by Christian Bale.

*Here’s a weird one, Conroy originally auditioned for the role of The Joker, but voice director Andrea Romano suggested he try out for Batman instead. Mark Hamill went on to voice the Clown Prince of Crime to equally tremendous acclaim, and in nearly as many projects as Conroy’s voiced Batman.

*You want to follow Conroy on Twitter? Well, @RealKevinConroy is the real deal.

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