One of the most underrated films in the last few years, Pete Travis’ incarnation of Dredd, while it didn’t do so hot at the box office, has risen to gather quite the fan following. Petitions abound for a sequel, the people cry out for more and even Karl Urban, the Dredd-man himself, has expressed how intensely he wants another film of the franchise to be made. Things have been up and down, but it may be that the powers-that-be are reconsidering.

While Urban was out at Destination Star Trek in Frankfurt, the inevitable question came up about the potential for a Dredd sequel. And while Urban didn’t give a vigorous thumbs-up and say “Hell yeah!” he did make a few remarks that suggest sequel negotiations may be in the early stages.

He stated that the studio, the director and the writer, Alex Garland, have had some talks about the possibility. Whether that means the studio is taking them seriously or just can’t seem to get them to leave the corporate waiting room and go away remains to be seen.

One this is for certain – Dredd fans are rabid about this flick being made. I recently watched Dredd when it came out on DVD and consider it one of the best-made action-based sci-fi flicks in a very long time. I’d love to see another 10 movies in this universe if they could get them made.

What say you, Nerd Readers? Is it worth the money to make more Dredd? Did the first one live up to your expectations? Should fans unite and storm the studio and hold the execs hostage until they say yes?


Thanks to What Culture for the heads-up.

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