As if buzz regarding Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier hasn’t reached critical mass already, Marvel has released another new feature. The video features behind-the-scenes footage and includes narration from films cast and crew, on the topic of Cap’s struggle to find out who he can and cannot trust.

Featurette was all well and good, laced with some new footage and what not. Heck, I’m humming “America Fuck Yeah” as I type this. But, Marvel’s back to playing up the identity of the Winter Solider again? Really? Like it’s a great big fucking mystery! Any comic fan, hardcore or casual, knows that back story of the Winter Solider. It’s pretty common knowledge. As far as general audiences go, yeah, I guess the intrigue surrounding the identity of the Winter Solider would have been a good card to play… HAD THEY NOT already revealed the Winter Soldier’s face with previous online and television spots!!! I can’t see anyone being surprised in the movies final reveal moment.

Other than that minor gripe, it’s a battle between this and Guardians of the Galaxy for my most anticipated film of 2014.

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