It seems like the last thing anyone would want to talk about following the death of Harold Ramis would be the fate of a film that has been little more than a habitual threat for more than a decade, but here we are, with reports that all systems are still go on Ghostbusters III. The world keeps spinning and commerce never gets a day off, I suppose, anyway, here are the details:

Sources close to Sony Pictures, where the film is in development, report the film is still coming, and will only need minor script changes to account for Ramis’ passing. The Hollywood Reporter claims that director Ivan Reitman plans on meeting with Sony in the coming weeks to discuss how the film will move forward. And while “There will be some repercussions” due to Ramis’ passing, “it won’t affect the script.”

There’s been much speculation regarding the script of Ghostbusters III, but the latest draft written by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky has been rumored to feature all 4 original Ghostbusters passing the torch to a new generation who ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

I’m one of those against a third movie. My desire for more things Ghostbusters does not outweigh my fear of a terrible movie. The sensibility of the 80’s had a charm that few today can carry. And really, who on this earth actually wants a movie about Ray teaching Jonah Hill or Seth Rogan (names that have been floating around the internet rumor mill for a while) or some other goofy fat kid to be Ghostbusters with no Venkman and no Egon? I don’t know what such a film could do that the original didn’t.

I do have to wonder if Ramis’ death is what brings a full proton reversal on Ghostbusters III, or if it galvanizes Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson and the creative team to move forward and deliver something of biblical proportions. Otherwise, there’s value in the brand name, and in Hollywood, everything is disposable.

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