Sony does not have the power to make a a good He-Man movie. They do, however, have fabulous secret powers at ruining one beloved franchise after another (Ghost Rider, Amazing Spider-Man). And with all do respect to the following directors, Sony’s latest reported choices in talent to helm a new live-action He-Man movie is… well, it just makes you wanna  tell them to shove the power sword up a place that makes Fisto and Ram-Man smile.

The Wrap says three names have emerged as front runners. They are Mike Cahill (Another Earth), Chris McKay (The Lego Movie) and Harald Zwart (The Karate Kid).

These 3 names coming off the departure of Jon Chu, who recently walked away from the project. Granted, any choice is better than the guy that brought us the Justin Beiber documentary and the last G.I. Joe movie. But still, these names are just so unexciting to me. A no name director (Cahill), another who was only sorta kinda labeled as co-director of the awesome LEGO movie next to Chris Miller and Phil Lord (McKay) and the guy who tarnished 80’s perfection by remaking the Karate Kid (Zwart). Where’s Peter Jackson? Get me Peter Jackson! Or I’ll even take Guillermo del Toro as a consolation prize over this cheap showcase.

I’m being harsh, I know. That’s only because I’m a lifelong He-Man and Masters of the Universe fan. Ignoring the flamboyantly gay overtones, which I didn’t discover until later in life, I always thought the world of He-Man and it’s characters to be cool (despite their odd names). Sword and sandals, sorcery vs technology, broads in metal bikinis, skull faced demonic overlords…etc. When Hollywood comes approaching on your favorite thing(s) you tend to be on the offensive.

I suppose if I silence my vitriol, I can see that Cahill has a knack for odd topics, that McKay is co-responsible for one of the best animated kids movies of the last decade, and that Zwart’s remake of the Karate Kid was classier than I care to admit. I can see how their respective works meet the criteria that Sony must be looking for in this new adaptation. A part of me, a small one, says to give anyone of these 3 guys the chance to surprise. But overall, I just can’t help but think Sony wants a rush job so the rights don’t expire. And that they have zero interest in making the 300 meets Lord of The Rings type film that fans like myself have always wanted, and that the property deserves.

And to that I say,  HEYYEYYEAAE

Source: The Wrap

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