The ‘Sandman’ Movie Has Found Its Writer


Ever since Joseph Gordon-Levitt announced his intention to turn Neil Gaiman’s much-loved Sandman series into a movie, fans (myself included) have been sitting on the fence. The story of Sandman is incredibly complex and even the enthusiasm of Gordon-Levitt may mean very little if they don’t have the right people working behind the scenes to make the movie as true to its source material as possible. Now, the first piece of the Sandman puzzle has been found. It looks like Jack Thorne will be the one to write the script.

For those that don’t know him, Jack Thorne is a British bloke that has done a fair amount of work on various television series. His other writing work consists mainly of movies that have yet to be released, so I couldn’t say one way or the other whether he fits the profile of what would make a successful Sandman writer. He’ll be working from an initial structure put together by David Goyer, though there are no details on what Goyer’s idea was.

So, there we have it. A writer has been found, Gordon-Levitt is seriously trying to make it happen and Warner Bros. actually gives a shit about getting it done. Just thinking about the possibility that Sandman may finally grace the big screen is kind of surreal… Ah well, I’m sure something will come along to completely derail it like so many times before.

What say thee, Nerd Readers? Does each new announcement give you hope that we’ll actually, really, for sure see a Sandman movie?


Thanks to Deadline for the heads-up

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