It was only a matter of time before it happened, and now it is upon us. The folks at Warner Bros. have decided that, with the success of their Lego movie, there is another building-block property that deserves a chance at the big screen. And that property is none-other-than Minecraft.

WB nabbed up the rights from Mojang AB and is pursuing what will likely be yet another animated mega-hit. Minecraft has addicted many gamers over the years and the open nature of it means that whatever writers WB chooses to pen the script can basically do anything they want. And to seal the deal, Roy Lee, the man behind the The Lego Movie, will be taking control. So we’re likely to see something on the same level as far as production values go.

So there you have it. Get prepared to watch some square-headed heroes battle square-headed monsters and… build stuff? Go mining? Collect resources? Troll other players by blowing their shit up?

What say you, Nerd Readers? Does this make your day? Do you think the team of WB and Lee can create something that will make us Minecraft junkies proud?


Thanks to Deadline for the heads-up.

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