That would be a-mazing! But unlikely. While making some remarks during a “manufacturing innovation event” this past week at the White House, President Barack Obama joked that the industry innovators gathered there were building Iron Man noting the technological innovation and research into new metal alloys being conducted. After some polite laughter, the President said he was just kidding, or maybe he wasn’t… Watch the clip from CNN embedded below:

It was all in good fun, of course. The United States military and technological leaders would probably love to develop and build a working suit of armor akin to the type worn by Tony Stark in the Iron Man comic books and films, but that’s likely still science fiction. For now. The dizzying combination of capabilities in the fictional Iron Man suit – flight, weaponry, scanners, communications, internet capable – make it kind of implausible for the time being, but a man, and a President, can dream.

This isn’t the first time that President Obama’s shown his pop culture acumen. In the recent State of the Union he made an analogy to Mad Men when talking about equal pay for women, and he warned the online world about spoiling the second season of House of Cards for him. On the flip side, I’m sure some conspiracy theorists out there will think that Obama’s lip slipped, and now their probably wondering about all that super-soldier serum research…

Shhhhhhh. Shut up.

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