Some of the deleted scenes from J.J. AbramsStar Trek Into Darkness have hit the Internet. These were scheduled to be on the original DVD, but were pulled at the last minute to be put on a later director’s cut DVD. There’s some interesting bits here and the last one, Klingon Dance Party, should have been in the movie. At least during the credits.We start off with a discussion between Kirk and Pike:

Next is Uhura’s little chat with the Klingons:

The Captain’s Log:

Admiral Marcus gets a call:

The Extended version of Pike getting shot:

More Klingon Fighting:

Wonder why Carol had that awful Accent?

Scotty pulls a fast one:

Kirk meets the little girl:

Here it is in all its glory: Klingon Dance Party.

They should have filmed that whole scene and put it in the credits. Fans would have howled with delight, even those that didn’t like the movie. The whole cast and the Klingons. That would have rocked my Star Trek World.

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