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Whether you like it or not, there will be yet another Terminator movie coming our way. And while the last installment to hit the big screen was sans Arnie, Terminator: Genesis will not only be bringing the ex-Governator back to the franchise, but recasting the main roles as well. Now some more details are leaking between the cracks, potentially telling us a bit about what to expect from the new flick.

According to that almighty creature known as “Sources” (whom I am thoroughly convinced is related to The Doctor in some way, due to their seeming omnipotence), Moviehole said that the new movie will be revisiting both the original Terminator film as well as Terminator 2: Judgment Day. How they plan on doing this remains to be seen, but their return to said events is supposed to alter the timeline and thus give the franchise the chance to run off in an entirely new direction. All-in-all, we should expect to see Terminator: Genesis take place during 1984, 1991, the robot-ruled future and other time periods that are crucial in the shaping of events.

Moviehole has even put forth a list of some of the scenes we might see make a second appearance, including Arnie’s liquidation of the Sarah Connor kill-list, his meetings with Det. Hal Vukovich, Lt. Ed Traxler, and Sarah’s roommate, Ginger. And apparently one of the major plot twists shall revolve around Kyle Reese during his time in the “past”. What we shall see from T-2, they’re a little vaguer about, though they did say we’ll get to see many of the scenes from the T-1000 rampage.

Expect to see Arnold Schwarzenegger reprise his role, along with Emilia Clarke as the new Sarah Connor, Jason Clarke as the new John Connor and Jai Courtney as the new Kyle Reese when Terminator: Genesis hits the big screen come July 1st, 2015.

What say the Nerd Readers? Eager to see more Terminator? Or does all the time-hopping sound like a recipe for disaster?


Thanks to Moviehole for the “source”.

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