‘Age of Extinction’ Trailer Hides Viral Info


I know, you were just so excited to see a Transformers: Age of Extinction trailer, and you are so stoked for the return of Michael Bay to this franchise because everything he touches is 360 degrees of awesome. You were so blinded by the joy that you can be forgiven for missing a pretty prominent bit of viral promotion, a little Easter egg that fans can have some fun with as we eagerly await the release of Age of Extinction this summer.

So what is this Easter egg? You’ll observe the screenshot about and the billboard at the left hand side of the screen. It says, “Remember Chicago, Report Alien Activity,” and a phone number where, presumably, people in the movie universe call if they spot or suspect a Transformer. Here’s the thing, that phone number works in this universe too. When you call it, you get an automated message that tells you, as a citizen, to give any Transformer a wide berth and if you do see one, call your local authorities so they can swoop in with their black dusters and sunglasses to investigate.

The phone line also directs the caller to a new viral website, TransformersAreDangerous.com. There isn’t much there, but some social media links and the following poster:


All that’s missing is the “Wanted: Dead or Alive.” But seriously, judging from the trailer and these viral bits, it seems that Age of Extinction is playing with some very big themes and big ideas. Here’s hoping that Bay and Co. don’t punt the ball and create something that isn’t just interesting on the surface but quickly devolves into an orgy of explosions and gunfire, kinda like the trailer for Age of Extinction… Oh, nuts.

One more time, here’s the new trailer:

Transformers: Age of Extinction is in theaters on June 27.

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