I have to say that I’ve been waiting for a first peek at Sin City: A Dame to Kill For for a long damn time. When I first heard they were making a sequel to the original, I just about peed myself. Now, after several delays throughout the years, the movie is almost upon us. To let us know that it’s coming, the powers-that-be have more graciously bestowed a trailer upon us. Check out a little of what we can expect from the new Sin City below.

At risk of losing what little journalistic integrity that I have, I just have to say…
It looks like we’re getting all the Sin City visuals and gritty noir atmosphere that made the first one such a masterpiece. All we can do now is cross our fingers that they’ve put together something worth of the Sin City name. And, of course, wait around until bloody August 11th until the damn thing hits the big screen.

What say thee, Nerd Readers? Pee in your pants yet? Or do you need to see more before you can make that final judgment?


Thanks to CBM Trailers for feeding us the love.

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