Both Warner Bros. and Disney are looking to adapt the classic children’s story, The Jungle Book, to live action, but it seems as though Disney has the drop on their competition. Not only do they already have Jon Favreau locked down as their director, but they just cast Idris Elba in a big role for the movie. What role will the Thor: The Dark World star be bringing to life?

Apparently, Elba will be lending his unique vocal talents to the role of the film’s villain, Shere Kahn. While we now know that we’ll definitely be getting talking animals, we don’t know if Idris Elba will be doing anything more than voicing the character. We can’t really assume anything though, given that Benedict Cumberbatch played a dragon last year.

So, while Warner Bros. searches for a director (rumor has it, they’re looking at Ron Howard), Disney already has a solid director and a big name cast in one of the lead roles. What do you think of the casting of Idris Elba, and Favreau as director? Will Disney be able to make a more successful live action The Jungle Book this time around?

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