In case you missed the headline, or just didn’t quite believe it, there are some potential spoilers in these three The Amazing Spider-Man 2 clips that Stan Lee narrates. Consider that your Standard Spoiler Warning. The rest of you can click-through the jump and check the clips out while those other folks get back to work. Quick! Your boss is headed towards your cubicle!!!

The first clip focuses on the movie’s opening action scene between Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) and the Russian criminal (Paul Giamatti) who will turn into the Rhino. The second on Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) and Oscorp, what they might be involved in. The last looks at the Big Times Square showdown, the first meeting between Spider-Man and the newly empowered Electro (Jamie Foxx).

Before you get to the clips there’s something I’d like to give you an update from a story we ran yesterday.

You may have been seeing some unflattering things about Garfield floating around the Internet the last couple of days. Things fell out pretty much the way we thought they would, with all the parties involved debunking Page 6‘s outrageous claims. The Page 6 writer Richard Johnson couldn’t even bring himself to admit that the unnamed source he quoted was full of crap when he later posted his “edited” comments from Garfield’s representative.

Here’s a picture taken when Garfield went to Batkid’s room to have a mini ceremony when the Oscars was canceled.


Garfield’s representative sent this response to Vanity Fair that sums up the whole thing quite well:

In full collaboration with the Academy and the show writer, Andrew prepared a segment for the Oscars to honor Miles Scott as the true hero that he is. As some point overnight on Saturday / Sunday morning, it was decided by those running the show that the segment didn’t work in the ceremony. They decided to pull it – Andrew and Miles were equally upset. The producers arranged for Miles and his family to visit Disneyland on Monday and Andrew drove down to visit them and to bring Miles a personal gift.

Andrew did the right thing for Batkid and anyone saying otherwise is flat out lying.

OK, That makes a lot more sense than what everyone who jumped on the Page 6 Bandwagon yesterday. Shame on them by the way. It was Click-Bait journalism at it worst.

Now check out these clips!

Clip 1:

Clip 2:

Clip 3:

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