EDITORS NOTE: In partnership with Youtube personality Kelly Carlton (aka F’N Pryde), we bring you another weekly installment of badass, foul mouthed comic book reviews. So without further ado here’s F’N Pryde with her weekly comic book rundown. It’s  ”Pryde’s Picks!”

I don’t know about you all but I’m sick of the renumbering of books and the reboots. Instead of changing book numbers to get new readers in, why don’t the big boys just title/number their story arcs?

That way newcomers can jump in and old readers aren’t constantly being dick slapped by their favorite comic book franchises. That rage might have been a bit harsh but all these #1s coming out of Marvel Now are giving me nightmare inducing flashbacks to DC’s New 52. Although, I am enjoying being reintroduced to heroes/villains like Moon Knight and Magneto, I’m completely confused why Marvel needed to reboot a relatively new book like Wolverine & the X-Men just because some new writers jumped on board.

DC’s newest book Forever Evil is tickling me in ways I never dreamed possible while Action Comics leaves me wondering where the action is. One of Image Comic‘s newest titles Apocalypse Al is hitting my sweet spot by mashing up some of my favorite supernatural series into one delicious book.

As always, if you’re easily offended tread carefully. Pryde’s Picks is full of boisterous inappropriate humor and way too much geek rage. This week features: Wolverine & the X-Men #1 Moon Knight #1 Loki #2 Magneto #1 Superman Action Comics #29 Forever Evil #6 The Twilight Zone #3 Apocalypse Al #1

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