Jason Sudeikis Cast as Fletch


Chevy Chase’s Fletch is a seminal film for sarcasmaphiles and now, after a long search and many lesser candidates, the franchise is getting an action-comedy reboot with former Saturday Night Live and Horrible Bosses star Jason Sudeikis in the lead role, but is it a good fit? Right now, it’s too early to tell, but Sudeikis can pretty much get anything greenlit at this moment following the surprising success of both Bosses and We Are The Millers, the Jennifer Aniston co-starring summer comedy that did killed at the box office. With that kind of cache, it’s heartening to know that Sudeikis chose Fletch to be his next big outing.

As for the director, no names have trickled out recently, but it surely won’t be Kevin Smith who famously tried to reboot Fletch with Jason Lee in the lead role and a proposed cameo for Chase. Would Chase entertain making in appearance in this film? Hell, would one even be called for if they’re adapting Gregory McDonald’s Fletch Won origin story, as the pending film’s title might suggests? Who knows, but while the term “action comedy” is a bit off-putting, as are allusions to Beverly Hills Cop, this is good news for fans of the original, the novels, and girls named Larry.

What do you think about Sudeikis and the possibility of a Chase cameo? We really want to know.

Source: THR


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