It has been a busy week for DC Entertainments TV properties. With the release of the official logo and an all new synopsis for FOX’s Gotham, to the first look at Grant Gustin’s costume for The Flash and, even word that Rose McIver will take the lead role in iZombie for the CW. Well, we can add one more piece of news as the pilot for David S. Goyer‘s Constantine has begun production and they released a behind the scenes photo today that should count as a good omen for fans of the character. 


Yup, he actually looks like John Constantine! Welsh born actor Matt Ryan has dyed his naturally brown hair dirty blonde and has donned a wrinkled tan trench coat more fitting for the smarmy British working-class magician/occult detective/con man.

To continue the good news for Constantine fans, in a recent interview with i am Rogue, Goyer (who is not only the shows producer but also the writer behind the pilot) soothed the pain those of us still feel from the 2005 Keanu Reeves movie, saying that this TV adaption will “[cling] more closely to the source material then the film,” And that Constantine will “actually be played by a British guy.

Well Ryan is Welsh, but close enough.

As for his trademark dangling cigarette? As Goyer put it “That’s a tricky one on network TV, we’re negotiating right now. He will have his signature trench coat and skinny tie.

Well, if the above picture is any indication they seem to be on the right track. Production on NBC’s Constantine is currently underway and the plan is to have it on the small screen for the Fall 2014 TV season.


Hot on the heels of yesterday’s group picture below, the first “Official” Constantine Character Portrait has hit the Internet.


You’ve got to admit they seem to have nailed the Constantine “look.” We’ll have to wait to see how Matt Ryan handles the accent.


Photo via Slates for Sarah Facebook Page.


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