catwoman cosplay

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ABOVE: MEOW! Cosplayer Mary Collette does a flawlessly sultry interpretation of Catwoman from Batman: The Animated Series. See more photos, taken by Scorpio Concept Designs and Photography, over at Fashionably Geek

batgirl skateboard

Believe it or not, this Batgirl skateboard, currently on display at Austin Java restaurant, was painted by a 5th grade girl. She’s got some serious talent! Take that nerd girl naysayers! (Twitter)

dark crystal cake

The amazing Black Cherry Cake Company does it again, this time with a beautiful Dark Crystal cake. Do you think they served the cake with a drink of Gelfling Essence? [Geeks Are Sexy]

hunger games workout

If this Hunger Games inspired workout is any indication, I would not last 20 minutes as Tribute. I got tired just looking at Neila Rey’s nerd inspired workouts. There’s even one called “You Had Me at Bacon,” which didn’t make me want to work out. It just made me want bacon.

baby daenerys

Photographer Karen Abad made babies even more adorable by dressing them up as some of our favorite TV characters. Pictured above is the super cute mother of dragons, but she also has characters from the Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, etc… [Neatorama]

st jareth candle

If you love and fear St. Jareth he will be your slave… and possibly steal your little brother. [Etsy]


Not surprising, but still shocking, it would cost nearly $15,000 to buy every single LEGO Star Wars item. Yikes. [UnderScoopFire)

mtg butts

Redditor OB1FBM went to a Magic the Gathering tournament last weekend and found himself in a sea of nerdy butt cracks. He documented his epic journey in a series of photos…. and I can’t believe I’ve spent part of my day staring at butts. [Buzzfeed]

Oh man, this is the meanest prank ever. Two friends spent an entire night dismantling their other friend’s LEGO Millennium Falcon as a “joke.” They even put all of the pieces back in the box! Watch the prank unfold in the video above. [Geeks Are Sexy]

Cosplayers! Ikea will help you keep all of your gear neat and organized! [Fashionably Geek]

Kevin Bacon gives a serious history lesson to all of you nerds who are too young to remember the 80s (sadly, I remember every single one of my bad 80s fashion choices.) [Geekologie]

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