Because the folks over at Columbia Pictures feel the need to put out a new bit of footage pretty much every day, we have compiled the latest Amazing Spider-Man 2 clips together in one place for you to enjoy. There aren’t too many spoilers here, so don’t worry about destroying all of you viewing experience. Of course, if you’ve watched all the clips up until now you likely know pretty well how the movie plays out. Scroll down to check out the newest.

First up, a look at Peter Parker and his buddy Harry Osborn hanging out and being all friends with each other and shit:

Next on the list, watch Spidey and he tries to juggle plutonium. This one even features Rhino (sans the suit) and some corny slapstick gimmicks:

And finally, Spidey vs. Electro in Times Square. Yeah, we’ve seen like a million of these, but here’s another. Enjoy.

Hopefully those will make your future Amazing Spider-Man 2 viewing experience a little better. Or maybe not. Either way, check it out when it hits the big screen on May 2nd.


Thanks to CBMTrailers for the vids.

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