The Muppets are unique in our pop culture because they are not only hip and definitely in style, but timeless. Sure, a lot of this can be attributed to the fact they don’t age and can be continuously reinvented, but I’d like to think it’s more likely because of that special Henson magic. The breath of life given by Jim Henson, his colleagues, and their proteges still Muppetteering today never leaves these characters, even after they’ve stopped moving. Get a glimpse of that magic in action on the set of Muppets Most Wanted with these behind the scenes and b-roll footage clips.

However, I’ll warn you that since this footage comes from the film – and at 20 minutes over four clips is pretty lengthy – it’s very likely there will be SPOILERS for the film. For instance, these clips contain some celebrity cameos, perhaps a joke or two not heard in the plethora of trailers, so just keep that in mind.

Something I’ve always really appreciated about The Muppets is how they’re treated as individuals. It’s something I recall Jason Segal discussing while promoting his Muppets flick, saying how unnatural it would be to see the Kermit puppet just laying there, looking dead. It’d be unnerving! And that’s tied to how lifelike these characters have become over their history.

We don’t really know those under and inside Kermit (Henson himself being a major exception to this rule), but we know Kermit the Frog. It’s always him and Ms. Piggy, or Fozzie or Ralph, and now the new Muppet, Walter, who make the public appearances and promotes the film. For a non-human, shit, for a non-living act, that’s rare and the fact The Muppets have made it so commonplace is spectacular.

Long live The Muppets! (Not that they’re really going anywhere, ever.)

Muppets Most Wanted hits theatres next week on March 21. 

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