Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige wants everyone to know that the directors list for the upcoming Phase Three Marvel Movie Doctor Strange isn’t short. It was in the pool! IT WAS IN THE POOL!

While Feige contends that the Doctor Strange director list has more than three directors on it, he does confirm that the three directors reportedly on the short list, Scott Derrickson (Sinsiter) , Mark Andrews (Brave), and Jonathan Levine (50/50), have had meetings with Marvel.

We’ve met with all of [those three]. Some of those three are not in contention anymore, some of those three we’re still talking with and there are many others. We have not narrowed it down as much as the internet thinks. I wish we had.

We all know that movie announcements and rumors are a game of give and take. Really it’s a game of give and take, and take back, and clarify and hedge, until the ink dries on contracts. Feige had made some denials when the short list first broke out on the Internet. Now he’s confirmed the list while still managing to muddy the waters enough to give Marvel the wiggle room it needs in negotiating a contract.

Once we hear who will be directing the casting rumors will crank right back up with everyone looking at actors the chosen director likes to work with. Marvel hasn’t nailed down the release date yet although we know it will be part of Phase Three.

Who else might Marvel be talking with to direct?

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