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ABOVE: Stan Lee keeping Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and The Hulk (Lou Ferrigno) apart. Neither god or raging beast stands a chance against the All Father of comics.  [Cheezburger]


Strange Ewok costumes with a hole in the crotch found in abandoned house. Perhaps used Furry Ewok sex? The more important question is, why does this turn me on? Haha, I’m kidding. Clearly the crotch hole served as a birthing pathway for some freak Ewok/human half breed.   [Kotaku]


Impressive Silurian Warrior cosplay from Doctor Who. The costume was made by Black Mariah, makeup was applied by Heather Henry, and the ensemble is worn by Reese. I’d look like a bad-ass Silurian too if I had a 3 person special effects team.  [SuperHeroPhotos]


Be engulfed with Callie Cosplay’s (aka Leah Burrooghs) fiery Phoenix cosplay. [CBM]

Video of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Oscar photobomb set to Jaws. Rare recordings of a high functioning sociopath, destroying photos whenever possible. [Buzzfeed]

If video games had incredibly realistic sound effects, this is what you would hear. This is so hilariously out of place. Pretty much demonstrates why it’s just a good thing audio possibilities were limited back in the days  [Dorkly]

Fan made trailer for Dredd 2: Cursed Earth. Holy balls, this is awesome. Goddammit Hollywood, you reboot every classic piece of cinematic history, why can’t you give us a Dredd sequel? [ToysREvil]

Fact that prove geek and nerds rule the word. Like it was ever even a question. [Buzzfeed]

Captain America: The Winter Solider rooftop chase scene cut to Team America‘s “Fuck Yeah!”. Great, now no matter what, the actual movie will be a letdown.

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