The latest speculation on Star Wars: Episode VII has been over who the new lead would be, but amidst that commotion, it seems as though the logo for the first film of the new trilogy may have been leaked! Could the films in the Disney saga be ditching the roman numerals labels of previous entries?

Rumor has it that the following image, which was leaked earlier today, is the official logo for Episode VII.


Personally, I’m not buying it. After so many films using the roman numerals and sub-titles in the logo, I don’t think they’d go and change something so drastically. While the picture does look legit, and being the first in the series under Disney could bring a whole new look, I’m not sure I can buy it until we see an official release.

What do you think of this possible new logo? If you think it’s real, do you like the change? Let us know!


[Comic Book Movie]

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