The second half of Arrow looks like it’s going to be packed with all sorts of surprises. We can look forward to the Birds of Prey showing up, Deathstroke unleashing his wrath on Oliver, and even the Suicide Squad making its debut on the show this Wednesday night. Rumor has it, though, we’ve got even more to look forward to, and that two of Batman’s most prolific villains will be dropping in on Starling City before this season is out.

Those with a keen eye may have picked up on a possible clue in the preview for the “Suicide Squad” episode, in which the above image flashed. We’ve already seen pictures of the assembled squad, but the woman pictured conveniently has been left out, and has a striking resemblance to a favorite Batman villain; Harley Quinn.

In addition to her extreme popularity and the fact that the show has been introducing big names left and right, the woman in the shot has the signature messy blonde pigtails, and she’s been a member of the team of villains in the comics. Luckily, we won’t have to wait long to find out if there is any truth to this speculation.

The second villain, on the other hand, is a bit more of a long-shot, and we’re gonna have to wait a little over 3 weeks to see if there’s anything to it, but it’s an interesting thought nonetheless.

After keeping a tight lid on it for so long, Arrow producer Marc Guggenheim recently announced the title of “The Man Under The Hood” for episode 19 of this season. While this could be referring to Oliver, or Malcolm Merlyn, there just seems to be too much secrecy over the name of this episode. Along with hints dropped by star Stephen Amell about other vigilantes and saying, “not all hoods are green,” one has to wonder if this title is actually in reference to the Red Hood.

The title has a striking resemblance to Batman: Under The Red Hood, and with rumors of Nightwing possibly appearing in the City of Heroes, Red Hood would be a built in villain should Dick Grayson ever show up. It seems unlikely that the Red Hood would be the Joker’s version, especially if that was indeed Harley Quinn in the “Suicide Squad” preview, but I guess anything is possible.

So, do you think we’ll be seeing these huge characters making appearances on Arrow, or will we just get slight nods to the comic book lore? Could we see Arrow being used as a way to flesh out the backstory to Ben Affleck’s Batman before he makes his debut in the Man of Steel sequel? Let us know what your take is on all of this!


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