Even when it’s considered a “sure thing” in Hollywood, it’s nice to get some confirmation right from the one person who should know what’s going on. Wolverine is such a comic book movie presence that even if Hugh Jackman refused to play the character again, we’d soon see someone else taking up the mantle. So this was really just a matter of confirming that director James Mangold, who is said to be under contract to write the next Wolverine script, would also direct the follow-up.

Let’s get right to it. Twiter user REDRUM wanted to know when the next Wolverine movie would fit into the X-Men movie schedule and director James Mangold stepped up to the plate:

  Mangold followed that tweet up with this:

The only real question is whether Hugh Jackman will return once more to the role that made him famous after X-Men: Days of Future Past wraps. There was a ton of Internet rumors a couple of months ago that put Jackman under contract for four more appearances after The Wolverine at a $100 million dollar price tag, but Jackman quickly shot down those rumors. as of now, we don’t even know if Wolverine will be in the X:Men: Apocalypse follow-up, let alone if Jackman would come back for the role.

When asked by IGN during X-Men: Days of Future Past filming, Jackman had this to say:

Where does Wolverine go from here?

Is it okay if I just take a little vacation? [Laughs] I will take a weekend, that’s good. Wolverine the musical? No! I don’t know, this has been a surprise for me. The Japanese story and that Samurai saga, I’ve wanted to make that for 10 years. From here on I’m just an open book, so we’ll see. We’ll wait until I get beaten up in some fight scenes, which come very soon and maybe I will want a longer vacation!

As long as Singer, Mangold or other Hollywood forces can bring creatively challenging scripts that stretch the character of Wolverine, Jackman will most likely be back.

Even if the role is eventually recast, perhaps Jackman could return to the role years later, when those Hollywood powers that be finally come to their senses and bring “Old Man Logan” Wolverine to the big screen. Who wouldn’t love to see that happen.

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