Make Room on the Shelf! Godzilla Toy is 3 Feet Long


There was once a Godzilla toy that stood about 2 to 3 feet tall, spit paper fire and bizarrely fired his fist like a projectile; it’s rare, it’s fondly remembered, and it’s about to get some competition from a brand new version of the King of Monsters, a toy made to promote the upcoming movie from Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures.

Courtesy of MTV, below are several shots of the toy made by JAKKS Pacific. In short (haha), it’s articulated, has a swinging tail, and is over 3 and a half feet long. Here’s the description of the toy from MTV: “The enormous, articulated figure (12 points total) stands 24″ high (measured diagonally), and is 43” long. In addition, his tail swings back and forth, his mouth opens and closes and he comes packaged with the ability to drive Bryan Cranston totally crazy.”

Want to see more of the Cranston-inducing madness? Peruse the photos below:


Godzilla is in theaters everywhere on May 16.

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