Doctor Octopus is one of Spider-Man’s most well-known arch-enemies, a once well-intentioned scientist turned monstrous by a lab accident that fused a set of four mechanical arms to his body permanently. When Doc Ock was created in the 60s, the idea of mechanical assistant arms like those was science fiction, but the Germans seemed to have now caught up to make fiction fact by reveling to the world – da, da, dummmmm – working Dock Ock-ish arms.

Now before you go off the deep end, it’s worth noting that these are not the types of arms you can wear and augment your own limbs. Nope, they’re controlled externally, although they do feature claw-like “hands” and are programmed with “artificial intelligence and muscle memory.” A blog called Geekosystem, is reporting that the devices were in segments with a 3-D printer and were then constructed together using something called pneumatic artificial muscles.

Want to see the arms at work? BEHOLD! The future of Spider-Man’s doom.

Is it only a matter of time now that we hear about death gliders,  people who can turn themselves into sand or water, and alien symbiote suits? Stay tuned.

Source: IGN

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