Both of the Jurassic Park sequels so far have featured at least two characters from the original Steven Spielberg film. In the case of the upcoming fourth sequel, Jurassic World, it seemed as though filmmakers were going out of there way to not have anyone from any previous Jurassic film. Fair enough, it’s been 13 years since the last movie, and a lot can happen in that time, it may be enough to say that Dr. Alan Grant and Co. are just getting to old for that dinosaur $#!%. But in a new interview, director Colin Trevorrow let it be known that there are indeed some known faces in his film, or at least one anyway.

In an interview with IGN, Trevorrow let it be known that B.D. Wong would be returning to the franchise in Jurassic World to reprise the role of Dr. Henry Wu. Here’s what the director had to say:

“I know a lot of fans want to see the original characters back. They’re iconic. But I respect those actors too much to shoehorn them into this story for my own sentimental reasons. Jurassic Park isn’t about the bad luck of three people who keep getting thrown into the same situation. The only reason they’d go back to that island is if the screenwriters contrived a reason for them to go. But there is a character from the first film who makes sense in our world. This hasn’t been announced yet, but BD Wong will be returning as Dr. Henry Wu. He had a much larger role in the original novel, he was the engineer of this breakthrough in de-extinction. He spent two decades living in Hammond’s shadow, underappreciated. We think there’s more to his story.”

That sounds like an interesting direction for the character, and a nice nod to the original film that’s not too showy. Trevorrow also addressed how he’s approaching the film in spiritual terms:

“I’m not on a mission to separate this film from the ones that came before. That will happen naturally – I have different instincts. But, like a lot of people my age, I grew up on Amblin movies. They’re a part of who I am as a filmmaker, and arguably as a person. This film will have a lot of new ideas in it, but I think the spirit will be familiar. It will have an old soul.”

Jurassic World opens in theaters everywhere on June 12, 2015.

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