When it was announced that Billy Dee Williams would be joining the latest cast of Dancing With the Stars, it was  a given that at some point he would dance a Star Wars themed routine. He and partner Emma Slater went for it right out of the box with last nights performance. He moves pretty damn well for a 76 year old (77 on April 6th) that has undergone two hip replacements. Now we know that he should have no real physical problems reprising his role as Lando in the new Star Wars movies.

You’ll have to grimace a bit when the announcers and judges try to prove how nerdy they are when talking about Williams’ Cha Cha Cha performance. Other than that it is a delightful look at a Hollywood legend. He is still one smooth operator and Emma is rocking those buns..I mean those hair buns.

The judges scores defiantly don’t reflect the crowd’s opinion of Williams. He’s going to have to have some solid fan support to move much further.

Raise your hand if your mother or aunt called you to excitedly tell you to change the channel last night.

Take a look there’s plenty of Star Wars surprises in the clip.

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