At conventions, like Toronto ComiCon, the longest lines are for name brand celebrities who’ve appeared in cult favourite movies, or Joss Whedon-produced TV shows, but the real passion is along the sides and down the aisles. If you’re a voice actor from a popular animated series, you too can be a rock star in this venue, and so it was with three of the voice actors from Total Drama and 6Teen, Scott McCord, Megan Fahlenbock and Drew Nelson. Taking a few minutes out from meeting and greeting fans, the trio talked about working the con, the nature of obsession, and the differences in doing it live.

Nerd Bastards: How’s the convention treating you guys so far? Scott, I know you said that this was your first “official” convention…

Scott McCord: Yeah, I’ve never done the full days here, these guys have. A couple of years ago at Fan Expo – that happens here every August – we did this Total Drama panel that was really successful, and we’re going to do one tomorrow. And you guys are going be there, right?

Drew Nelson: Absolutely.

Megan Fahlenbock: Well, it’s the day after International Women’s Day so I will definitely be there.

NB: How have the fans been so far, because you guys seem to be pretty busy, is it wild to think that so many people are into you as voice actors and the shows you do?

MF: It’s rabid, but it’s to be expected, because we are pretty great.

SM: And handsome. (To Drew) You’ve been proposed to how many times?

DN: Five. (Laughter) We have an amazing fanbase for the show. We’ve been more than grateful for it. Yeah, they’re awesome, they’re just so supportive.

NB: Do you guys ever get amazed when some fans know more about you, or your careers than you guys do?

SM: Terrified.

DN: It’s true isn’t it?

SM: People will walk up and say I’m such a fan of your work.

DN: And then they list your IMDb credits, and some of the more really obscure ones that barely made it and they love you for it, it’s just amazing.

MF: And it’s more than knowledge within each show. “Remember in episode 56 when Gwen told Duncan to go stuff himself.” I know, I know, I never said that, but you Nerd Bastards know what’s in the show that I sometimes forget. So that part is very surprising. It’s amazing. But joking aside, it is such an honor that we have our fans, I mean we wouldn’t be here without them and we’re very appreciative, and it’s such a joy to get to meet people.

SM: And we spend most of our time in a small booth by ourselves, so it’s nice for the cast to get a chance to hangout and celebrate the work we’re doing.

MF: Someone asked, “Are you guys [from 16teen] friends?” And I said it’s kind of like those friends you haven’t seen in a long time, like maybe a few months have passed since the last time you saw them, but when you do see each other it’s like no time has passed. We are bonded by our work, and we we’ve worked for so long together that when we see each other we can just cut back to the last time we saw each other, it’s quite an awesome bond.


NB: You’re doing a live reading here later, so how do you prepare for that versus doing your part alone in a recording booth?

MF: Make-up. And I get dressed.

SM: Megan, do you remember the episode?

MF: I did actually read the episode because I didn’t want to go into it cold, and I didn’t feel comfortable just winging it. I want to do a good job, especially with people watching it live, and I’m going to be really self-conscious about my facial expressions, and what my arms do, because we’re very physical. Whenever we have cameras in the booth with us, they’re the worst records ever because you’re so self-conscious and because it’s such a free way of performing when you’re not on camera.

SM: There’s a lot of funny faces. Smells.

NB: What other projects are you guys working on right now?

DN: Well, I’m doing a lot of film and TV stuff lately. I’m going to be on this new show called The Strain on the FX…

SM: It’s just a little show…


DN: …It’s Guillermo del Toro’s new TV series.

SM: Guillermo del Toro, he’s this guy that’s just starting out. Remember that name. I’m also doing film and TV. I did some Lost Girl last season, it’s a great show with a great cast so I had a blast. I played the leader of a death cult and got to drink blood, which was nice. I’ve also got some new animation stuff, like the new Inspector Gadget, which comes out this year. I play a new character called Professor von Slickstein, and also Penny’s dog Brain. There’s a great example of things you get to do in the booth, I actually get directed when I bark.

MF: I’m doing a bit of voiceover work for radio and television, and I’m doing a lot of stand-up comedy. I’m writing a play for the [Toronto] Fringe festival this summer. I’ve got a lot of stuff going on. I did an episode of The Listener and Suits.

DN: And you had an amazing episode where you played a pot-smoking person dying…

MF: Yeah, I was dying of cancer on Hard Rock Medical on TVO. You’re right, thank you. So there’s always stuff, but we’re always for hire, so write some stuff for us already!

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