It was a veritable “Murderer’s Row” of voice talent from Total Drama at Toronto ComiCon. After talking to Scott McCord, Megan Fahlenbock and Drew Nelson, we moved down a few spaces to Kristin Fairlie, Brian Froud, and Christian Potenza. Topics of conversation with this triad included the weirdest things they may or may not have ever had signed, and how closely they get to know their fans working the circuit. How weird does it all get? Read on to find out.

Nerd Bastards: How’s the con treating you guys so far?

Kristin Fairlie: Amazing!

Christian Potenza: Wicked, awesome.

NB: Are you guys veterans at this, or is this your first time?

KF: We’re old hats.

Brian Froud: Yes, we are. We’ve been at a few of these.

CP: Yeah, I’ve been rocking these things for about five years now.

NB: And how’s it changed over the years? Are you guys getting recognized more?

BF: I think so, yeah. They’re really great too; we get a lot of repeat visitors, a lot of people stick around and talk to us. It’s great.

CP: Yeah, at this point it’s like they’ve turned into friends because we travel from show to show, and then they follow us and the relationships have grown stronger. I know people by first names, and now I know people’s kids. I’ve been invited to a few cottages this summer. So it’s awesome.

NB: I asked the other guys if they found that the fans know your resume better then you do, do you get any kind of weird references?

BF: Of yeah, for sure. They pull out lines from shows and you’re like, “I said that at some point in time.”

KF: That’s true.

BF: But their knowledge of the shows is admirable, and it feels good that they really respect you. It’s great.

CP: It makes me feel stupid that they know more about the show that I do. I haven’t touched these things in like four or five years, and then they start talking about certain decisions a character of mine made, and I’m like, “I don’t know my job very well.”


NB: What’s probably the weirdest thing you’ve been asked to sign?

BF: I don’t know, I think I’ve just had normal stuff. Books and things.

CP: I think the weirdest thing for me was that somebody pulled a picture off my Facebook page, of me, at my friend’s birthday party. (Laughter) I was like, “Where did you get this?” and they said, “Your Facebook page,” and they wanted me to sign it, and it wasn’t an important event. It was just a picture of me, at my friend’s birthday party, and that was weird.

KF: You know, you probably looked like you were have a lot of fun though, and really happy, so they chose a good moment.

CP: I was like, “Great, you got a picture of me wasted in my buddy’s basement.” My proudest moment.

KF: I signed an iPod case but that’s about it.

NB: Was it a character of yours, or just a random iPod case?

KF: It was the Martian from Toy Story, and its eye was cut out where the camera is. It was the best iPod case I’ve ever seen in my life. I was honoured to sign it.

NB: Despite the fact that you weren’t associated with that character at all.

KF: No, but that is my favourite character from Toy Story, so that’s good association for me.

NB: In terms of voiceover work, who do you guys do it? How do you prepare for a role? How do you create a character?

BF: Sometimes the best thing we can get as actors is a photo or image of the character because then we can say, “Oh he’s bigger, so he must have a deep voice,” or whatever. You can adjust your tempo to what you think the character sounds like. As far as research, there’s not much you can do because they give us very little at the top, so we just go with whatever description they give us and we try to do our best.

KF: One of the things that I like to do is that most of the time they give you a description of the character and what they’re traits are, and I read the description out loud and see if a voice comes out that way. I find that helps me, and helps me find the character.

CP: Yeah, I do that too. (Laughter) It doesn’t matter because I use the same voice for everything. I’ve got it easy.

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