splinter cell

Yet another video game-inspired movie is making its way through the motions of becoming actual reality. This time around it’s Splinter Cell. They’ve already hired on Tom Hardy to play the lead role in the flick and now a second major step has been taken by signing on director Doug Liman to take control of the film.

Some may know Liman as the guy that directed such movies as Swingers, The Bourne Identity and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Now he’ll be bringing his action talents to Splinter Cell. While he’s not officially-officially signed just yet, it has been said he’s in final talks, so it’s looking pretty likely. If the stars align, he’ll be working with a script put together by Eric Singer (American Hustle) and will be aiming for a summer 2015 release date.

What say you, Splinter Cell fans? Eager to see what Liman can put together? Or still living in fear that no video game movie will ever measure up?


Source: THR

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