First Image of Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock


Gotham news is accumulating at a very rapid rate. The new TV series based on a DC Comics’ property which will find a home on FOX in the fall (assuming its pilot is a success) has begun filming. Thanks to this start in production we’ve gotten our first look at the series’ star, James Gordon (Ben McKenzie), as well as their version of The Penquin, a.k.a. Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor). Now get ready to see Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock!


Just fantastic lookin’, ain’t it!? That’s some damn fine casting right there. Yes, sir.

In the official press release from Warner Bros. Television, Harvey is described as,

Jim Gordon’s partner and mentor, the rough-around-the-edges Detective Harvey Bullock plays loose with police procedure, but gets results — and he does so with old-school, hard-ass panache.

It’s a bit of switch from the Harvey fans of Batman: The Animated Series might be familiar with, arguably the most well known version of the character. However, having Harvey serve as a mentor for Gordon opens up dozens of possibilities for the crime drama to explore: good cop/bad cop, old school/new school, by the books/think on your feet, etc. Giving Harvey a bit more authority over Gordon also makes the detective more influential and less of a comedic toss away character than what we’ve seen previously.

It’s unclear what McKenzie and Logue’s on screen chemistry will be like, but as their relationship appears to be the lynchpin of the whole show I’ll venture to say this was of high priority when casting. Logue, who first came to prominence on the sitcom, Grounded for Life, has had a career resurgence with roles on Sons of Anarchy and Copper, proving he’s got that “hard-ass panache” to bring Bullock to life. I’m predicting this turn as Harvey Bullock in Gotham could very well be a career defining role for Logue. Again, only if FOX likes the pilot enough to greenlight a full series.

Okay Bastards, how are you feeling about Gotham? Do you like the direction its taking? How about Logue as Bullock, good choice?

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