And because the world is terrible, terrible place, we here at Nerd Bastards are bringing you the news that Hollywood is once again recycling something. This time it’s a reboot of a movie that’s been remade from a Japanese original that has multiple sequels – The Grudge. That’s right, just in case you didn’t enjoy the original (read: superior) version or that 2004 American remake with Sarah Michelle Gellar, you’ll get another chance to see The Grudge on the big screen.

The newer version has tapped writer Jeff Buhler (Midnight Meat Train) to work on the script. The folks at Ghost House Pictures and Good Universe will be bringing you this “new and improved” version. And a bunch of nameless producers (along with Sam Raimi) will be raking in the profits from this low-budget cash machine.

As a side note, Buhler is also working on a remake script for Jacob’s Ladder. Do these people have no shame at all?

In case you’re not familiar with The Grudge, it’s based on movie called Ju-on (put together by Takashi Shimizu) that came out back in 2002. The story revolves around an angry spirit that torments any and all that attempt to live within the house it calls home. Back in the early 2000s, there was an avalanche of Hollywood producers tapping every East Asian product they could find and turning them into American remakes. The Grudge was the result of one such pillaging. Hell, they even managed to crank out a couple of American sequels to make even more money from the property.

This news comes in the wake of an announcement earlier this month that the Japanese version of the franchise would be adding a seventh installment, Ju-on: The Beginning of the End. So there will be plenty of Grudges, both American and Japanese, to go around.

Any fans of Ju-on or The Grudge out there? On a scale of 1 to 10, how useless would you rate this remake?


Source: Deadline

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