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ABOVE: Diamond Select announces Jay and Silent Bob figures.  The Silent Bob seems a little thin to me.  [ToplessRobot]


Anovos debuts their Star Trek: TNG Captain Picard jacket replica. All you need now is a flute and cup of earl grey, hot. [Technabob]

if they could transform

This is ‘If They Could Transform’, a series of digital paintings by artist Darren Rawlings imagining famous pop culture vehicles as Transformers. Which ones your favorite? Mystery Machine seems like a chill dude.

Her Universe couture and fashion show coming to SDCC, will bring new meaning to the phrase “Lady Vader”. [Nerdist]

Everything wrong with The Goonies in 8 minutes or less. Although Cinema Sins ruins some of my favorite movies. I still find It Extremely entertaining and hilarious. [CinemaSins]

The Dworf of Westeros, parodies The Wolf of Wall Street. Aaaaand it’s  worth all the gold in Casterly Rock. The God of Tits and Wine approves. [Dorkly]

The Human Tim is back with another metal cover of classic nostaglia, this time Disney’s Talespin. [TheHumanTim]

19-year-old, diagnosed with Down Syndrome and autism, sells comic books in a vending machine. Let this be a message to anyone who still thinks that the “mentally disabled” can’t come up with awesome ideas. Excelsior, kid!  [CBR]

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