Everyone in Hollywood has jumped on the Superhero bandwagon, plotting out years worth of movies and trying to mirror the successful Marvel Studios Model of creating a shared universe for the character rights they own. 20th Century Fox is the latest continue this trend by announcing three new film dates for The Fantastic Four 2, The Wolverine 3, and an as yet unnamed, mystery Marvel movie.

First up is the third Wolverine movie that director James Mangold is currently writing a spec script for. Fox has that penciled in for March 3, 2017. Which Wolverine storyline the movie might draw from is still up in the air, but we can speculate from a short list of possible choices.

At the top of my list is the Old Man Logan by Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven, but that one might be a stretch as executives might not be ready for more time shifting stories hot on the heels of Bryan Singer‘s X-Men: Days of Future Past. The other problem being who owns the rights to the secondary characters in involved in the Old Man Logan storyline.


There’s also the father/son story of Wolverine and Daken that could be worked into another wolverine storyline as a second tier story in the movie.


Better still, take the Daken story, weave it into a story that takes Wolverine back to his roots in Canada, then work in an introduction of Alpha Flight, and finish with Wolverine fighting Wendigo.

cb3697f4cebdb10da90bac339473e197The unspoken gorilla in the room is whether Hugh Jackman will continue his run as the Wolverine. Everything at this point hangs on what Jackman wants to do with the character. Eventually we’ll get a recasting of the Wolverine, he’s too bankable a character to have on the shelf for long.

Next up is The Fantastic Four 2 which is now scheduled to hit movie screens July 14th, in 2017. That’s a two-year gap between the currently filming reboot by Josh Trank. You might remember that there was a rumor the other week that had FOX firing Trank, scrapping the script, and recasting the reboot.

Now that FOX has announced the scheduled release date for the follow-up film, it’s more likely that those people who were talked to about a Fantastic Four movie were discussing this second movie.

Last is the Mystery Marvel movie that FOX announced for July 18, 2018. What could this be? Is it another X-Men movie, or could it be that they’ll finally bring Deadpool to the big screen in his own movie? There’s also been a rumor floating around the Internet that Jeff Wadlow might be directing an X-Force movie. That would be a great choice.

X-Force Fox Wadlow old and new team

The only question there is which version of the team roster would the movie be about?


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