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ABOVE: This is the Doctor Who TARDIS LEGO set currently up for voting on the LEGO Cuuso website. You like LEGO now, LEGO is cool. Who am I kidding, LEGO has always been cool. If you’re a Doctor Who fan, you need this. Vote to make it happen! [Geekologie]


This marvelous full-back Legend of Zelda tattoo encompasses the spirit of universe is one image. It was drawn by Krystian Marciniak with the tattoo itself being done by Anson Eastin at Forever Tattoo Parlour. Cool, right? Or do all just care about the fact that she’s naked? [Cheezburger]


It won’t turn into armor, but this prop replica will power your gadgets. The Mark V armor suitcase fuel cell is a 1/4 scale replica, and it was made from official Marvel references like the original prop and 3D digital files. Neat but hasn’t the novelty of Iron Man 2 come and gone, being that now a 3rd movie has passed? [BigBadToyStore.]


The only way to store your Sonic Screw driver collection. This wonderful storage and display solution could only be the work of a time lord.  [The RPF]

Smilin’ Stan Lee reminds true believers about Free Comic Book Day. Stan Lee pumping up Free Comic Book Day? Yes. May 3 at your local comic book store. [FreeComic BookDay]

Learn Dothraki now with this hand new video; a parody of the British language teaching program Muzzy. These Muzzy things are great, I’m already fluid in Hodor. [Kotaku]

Is the Hoverboard real? How close are we to making it a reality? Here’s a science video giving us an update, with a dubstep beat of course. Because dubstep. [Forge Apollo]

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