“Last night I dreamt of San Pedro…” Sorry, that’s Isla Bonita. My bad. As you may or may not know, the upcoming Jurassic World is heading back to Isla Nublar, the setting of the original Jurassic Park in 1993, and if the conceptual drawings below are any indication, it seems that there have been a few changes in the last 20 years. So what does Isla Nublar look like now? As envisioned by conceptual designer Nathan Schroeder, it’s going to be a fun time when the dinosaurs start taking the place apart again.

Via Schroeder’s own site comes the below art work that shows that the new set-up on Isla Nublar looks like something out of the distant future, like something out of Star Trek. That makes sense because Schroeder was also a conceptual designer on Star TrekThe Avengers, and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which makes him a talented go-to guy for all these huge franchise pictures. So let’s take a look at the artist’s fine work on Jurassic World.



From the looks of it the dinosaur tourism business is doing pretty well for itself, and it’s certainly better than the Tahiti sheik of the original Park. We still don’t know that much about what Jurassic World is about, or what director Colin Trevorrow has in store, but something tells me we’ll be re-visiting some of the original’s themes about hubris and the folly of man trying to control nature. In other words, it’s going to blow up real good.

Jurassic World opens in theaters everywhere on June 12, 2015.

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