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ABOVE: Cosplayer Mariedoll dressed as Donna Troy. Beautiful girl. I find a full figured woman like that faaar more sexy than a skinny one.  I’m talking to you Gal Gadot.   [CMB]


R2-D2 swim trunks. I suppose the port for R2s extendable mechanical arm is in the right place.   [CraziestGadgets]


Dry your lightsaber off with this Slave Leia beach towel. [NerdApproved]


Princess Mononoke by Aventurine_808 . I like the costume, but where are the forest spirits? [FashionablyGeek]


Got a problem? Don’t worry, the Octopus Avengers are here to save the day!  [Neatorama]

What would happen if Thor’s hammer was actually made from a dying star? Isn’t science fun? [Gizmodo]

Bass Wars: Obi-Wan vs Jango Fett. All things considered, I enjoyed this far more than the movie from which it was taken. [Dorkly]

There are 8 Harry Potter movies in all. Today Cinema Sins tackles the 4th one. It’s got a tournament, young love, illogical dragons, and a host of sins. [CinemaSins]

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