Ridley Scott’s 2012 Alien-sort-of-prequel, Prometheus, was met with mixed feelings by both long-time fans and new initiates of Scott’s sci-fi world. Personally, I loved it. Others were less forgiving with their judgment. But the fact still remains that it made enough people in Hollywood happy (to the tune of $400 million) that they decided another installment in the franchise was necessary. Now, the sequel to the prequel is making some headway, by both picking up a writer and setting a (probably) solid release date.

A recent announcement from Fox revealed that they had a “mystery project” lined up for March 4th of 2016. Now it seems as if the mystery is gone, for that is the date they plan on releasing Prometheus 2.

In addition, a new writer has been brought on board in the form of Michael Green. You may love or loathe the man, for he was responsible for the Green Lantern script back in 2011. He also happens to be attached to the upcoming Blade Runner 2 project, so he’s getting a lot of Ridley Scott cred these days. But it’s not just Green responsible for the Prometheus 2 script, so naysayers can take a breath and relax. He’s actually rewriting the script already put together by Transcendence scribe Jack Paglen.

Green has given some hints as to what he plans on doing with the script now that it’s in his hands. He has a desire to return it closer to its origins, turning Prometheus 2 into more of a horror-driven flick ala the first movies in the Alien franchise. Whether that means actual Aliens or not remains to be seen.

What say thee, Nerd Readers? Looking forward to a second installment of Prometheus? Do you think Green has what it takes? Is more horror the right way to go with this project?


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