‘Ant-Man’ Casting – Evangeline Lilly Signs


It’s a couple of years away, but pre-production for Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man adaptation is underway. We’ve seen casting thus far that includes Paul Rudd as Scott Lang and Michael Douglas as the elder Hank Pym. And earlier today we heard that House of Cards Corey Stoll star was in negotiations for a mysterious role. Now a new face is being added to the mix in the form of Evangeline Lilly.

evangeline lilly

Evangeline Lilly was rumored to be in talks for a while and it has now been confirmed that she is officially on board. You may recognize her face from the latest Hobbit flick or, if you happened to have watched a little show called Lost, you probably saw her appear in 100+ episodes there. Now Lilly, much like almost every other actor and actress in Hollywood these days, is jumping on the super hero gravy train.

Unfortunately, there’s no confirmation of what character she’ll be playing. Internet rumor-people are saying that she’ll be taking on the role of Hank Pym’s daughter, a character that also happens to be Scott Lang’s love interest. Some are still crossing their fingers that despite Wright’s protestations The Wasp might still be making an appearance.

Stay tuned for even more Ant-Man news. And mark your calendars for June 17th, 2015, when the movie finally hits the big screen.


Source: Jeff Sneider & The Wrap

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