jupiter ascending

For most folks out there, it’s a love-hate relationship with the Wachowskis and the movies that they put out. We were blown away when The Matrix arrived and V for Vendetta was done about as good as a movie adaptation was going to get, but they’ve had more than a few stinkers in their career (even beyond the atrocious two follow-ups to The Matrix). But, like it or not, they still keep making movies. And next to hit the big screen courtesy of the Wachowski team is Jupiter Ascending. We’ve already had one look at it, but you can now check out the second big trailer for this flick below.

Well, it looks science fiction-y enough. And there are plenty of cool-looking special effects. And it has the requisite attractive female lead with five pounds of make-up and a more-than-friends interest in one of the other lead characters. Hell, it’s even got a guy with pointed ears! Yup, all the makings of a hit. Of course, despite its beauty, if the end result doesn’t pan out, it could all be for naught.

Personally, my faith in the Wachowskis has been shaken too much to get excited over this one. What say thee, Nerd Readers? Does it look like something you want to get on board with? Or is this another piece of wait-for-DVD sci-fi spam coming down the pipeline to grab at the wallets of audiences?

If it’s up your alley, check out Jupiter Ascending when it hits theaters on July 18th.


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