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Lovers of Kevin Smith and his many strange ways, rejoice! For his popular television show, Comic Book Men, has been renewed by AMC for a fourth season. What’s more, the powers-that-be seem to have some faith in our favorite geeky fat-man and have ordered yet more Smith-ness to be added to the regular television line-up in the form of two new projects.

Comic Book Men – you may love it, you may hate it. It’s filled with unrealistic characters trying to appear realistic and often offers a rather optimistic view of the world of comic book collecting and sales. Personally, I tuned out a few episodes into season 2, but hey, it’s still popular. Popular enough, in fact, that they’ll be moving into a fourth season. So get ready for more.

The bigger news, however, is that AMC has decided to work with Smith on two new projects. The first is based upon the live podcast that Smith does with his friend Ralph Garman – Hollywood Babble-On. They’ll be putting together a pilot for the new show and, should the viewers give their approval, it will be moving on to further development.

It won’t all be sweets and roses, however, as Smith still needs to figure out a way to turn the audio appeal of the show into a visual format. In his own words:

“I always describe it as Entertainment Tonight but filthy. We sit there and make fun of our industry betters. We bring an inside perspective. We’re not the biggest winners on the planet, so we can grouse as well. It has a fun dynamic of salty and sweet. It’s a night club show, so we’re working with the good folks to try and crack the code of how to turn that podcast we record live every week and turn it into a TV show.”

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The other series in development will be focusing on one of the Comic Book Men alumni, Robert Bruce. The idea behind that series is to take Bruce out of the comic shop and send him on the road. His quest – to find seek out the best of the geek collectibles via the magic of estate sales, auctions and the like. So if you like seeing him buy comics from people, you just might enjoy watching buy some other shit, I suppose.

What say thee, Nerd Readers? You pleased to see a new season of Comic Book Men? Happy to hear about the new shows? Or are you like me and getting sick of the reality TV shows that are so unrealistic as to be unwatchable?


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