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ABOVE: Adly Syairi Ramly took 20 iconic bands and turned them into LEGOs. The results are impressive, but I have to question some of the choices. I mean… there’s a minifig Muse but no minifig Depeche Mode! Inconceivable! [High Snobiety

periodic bowtie

Periodic tables are cool. Bowties are cool. If you buy this you’ll be cool too. [Etsy]

alien makeup

Makeup artists do really amazing work, but few come close to this incredibly creepy alien makeup by MissyDeanna. There wasn’t any special makeup involved in the creation of this look either. It was all basic eyeshadow, foundation and powder! Check out Fashionably Geek for more photos.


This Black Widow figure by Hot Toys is so lifelike that she’s kind of creepier than the alien makeup pictured above. If she doesn’t creep you out, you can pre-order the figure from Sideshow Collectibles for $189. [GeekxGirls]

GoT art prints

If you lay awake at night wondering which one of your favorite characters will be the next to die at GRRM’s sacrificial altar, then you need these Game of Thrones house sigil prints in your home. At least you’ll have something cool to look at after your favorite character bites it.

loki heart

Declare your love for Hiddles…. uh, I mean Loki with this Loki heart pendant by FanFlail.

minion superheros

Superheroes get super adorable (and presumably super delicious) in this superhero/minion confectionary mash-up. [Between the Pages]

dictionary fairy

This “Diction Fairy” costume is hands down the cutest and most ingenious thing ever and needs to be available in adult sizes immediately. [Tumblr]

patriot dress

Gold Bubble has just released a line of women’s clothing inspired by everyone’s favorite patriot. The Captain America inspired collection features dresses, leggings and a skirt. Quantities are limited, so get yours now! [Fashionably Geek]

Sir Ian McKellen narrates this rather poignant anti-bullying commercial. [Geeks Are Sexy]

Find out who takes a plunger to the heart in the latest installment of Mario Warfare.

Okay, so Obama doesn’t really play Titanfall (or maybe he does, I have no idea) but Jason Stephens does a really great impression of POTUS. Watch all three installments at Kotaku.

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