Harrison Ford is 71 (but lets face it, he doesn’t look a day over 57) and both Steven Spielberg and George Lucas think it might be time to fill the fedora with a more youthful head of sandy brown hair. Now, half of male Hollywood just called their tailor, hoping to be fit for their own beige suit to audition in. Which begs the question: who will be the Sean Young of this situation?

Sure to send fanboys everywhere into irrational fits of rage, Latino Review is reporting that Indiana Jones is potentially being recast. Many are already making James Bond comparisons when reporting this news, which definitely fits, but I’m more inclined to compare it to replacing Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13thBecause really, what other iconic film character’s trademark digs are as associated with absolute psychopaths?

The big name being bandied about (by LR’s usual “studio sources”) is Bradley Cooper, which is feasible from a purely aesthetic point of view, though I’m going to struggle with wondering why Indy is running around taking corporately sponsored selfies at the pyramids. LR also stresses that this is in no way a “done deal”, so hold you horses before running out into traffic and just bull-whipping Nissan Maximas left and right.

If I’m being completely honest, I can’t really work up any feeling about this one way or the other. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is an absolute travesty of a movie; so much so that I like to pretend the series simply ended with The Last Crusade (which is far from being a masterpiece, as well). Could this be cool? I guess. I have no real love for Cooper, who always seems to come off like a douchey Alpha Beta in every role he plays. But I’m also not gonna front and act like I won’t see this at my local Drafthouse while getting liquored to the gills.

Source: Latino Review

QUICK UPDATE: /Film says they’ve contacted a “high-placing source” and that this isn’t true. We’ll see how LR responds.

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