I’m going to assume you’ve all seen, or are at least basically aware of the plot to 1992’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day–makes my life that much easier.

Little Danny Dyson, son of Skynet inventor Miles Dyson, was last seen being discreetly shuffled off by John Connor, to spare his innocent young eyes the sight of Ahnold’s gnarly robot arm.

Now, he’s due to return as a young man and much more important character in Alan Taylor‘s Terminator: Genesis (Perhaps played by the sought-after young actor above). 

Borys Kit of The Hollywood Reporter Tweeted yesterday:


Young British newcomer Boyega was reportedly fantastic in the underappreciated 2011 sci-fi flick Attack The Block (which I really need to see now). Plus, as Tweeted, he’s been approached regarding a role in Star Wars: Episode VII.

If Kit’s info is correct, and Boyega is wanted for the new Terminator film, then obviously his involvement will be contingent on whether or not he gets the role in Episode VII.

Terminator is awesome and all that–and it sounds like a great part–but only a colossal fool would turn down a role in the most anticipated film in cinematic history.

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