Iron Man

Nothing lasts forever. Everybody knows that, including Robert Downey Jr. The man who has defined Tony Stark sees the writing on the wall and knows he won’t be playing Iron Man for the rest of his career. He also knows Marvel could – and will – go younger when finding his replacement.

It’s weird to think of a world where RDJ isn’t Tony Stark, huh?

Speaking with Variety, Downey Jr. spoke of Marvel’s future and its crop of replacement actors who will surely come down the line.

“The smart money is you have to look at everybody’s age. I’ll put myself at the top of the list. Sooner or later, they’ve got to start over and get somebody young. I’m not there with them yet.”

Downey Jr., who is only contractually obligated to The Avengers: Age of Ultron and one more Avengers films sometime after, has a good point. These actors aren’t getting any younger. While they are nowhere near retiring or being too old to do the physically demanding stuff Marvel asks, the studio is certainly thinking of who comes next. Who will be the next Bruce Banner? The next Thor? The next Tony Stark? As wonderful as the current actors are, these roles don’t belong to them. They belong to Marvel and Marvel is in the business of turning out hit after hit after hit from now until, well, forever.

While we have grown accustomed to new Batmans, Supermans and Spider-Mans, some roles just seem bound to certain actors, like Iron Man played by Robert Downey Jr. It’ll be hard to see anyone else portray our beloved Shellhead but that future is unavoidable. Downey Jr. says Marvel will cast “young” but I doubt he means someone fresh off of a CW teen drama, he just means younger than him. So don’t get too frightened about a baby-faced Tony Stark yet.

It’s not shocking news but perhaps something fans have mentally avoided: Robert Downey Jr. and his fellow Avengers won’t be the only ones to play these parts. They will move on and so will Marvel. All we can hope is that the studio casts someone just as talented, fun and memorable. Those are awfully big metallic boots they have to fill.

Source: Cinema Blend

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