When Batman: Arkham Knight was first announced, the majority of fans assumed the title was referring to Batman himself, but it was soon announced that it was actually the name of his newest foe, The Arkham Knight. Finally, we have our first detailed look at the mysterious new villain! Click on through to check them out!

This image is the exact same one that we saw when the character was first announced to be a completely original character for the Arkham series, but now, the shadow has been taken away, and we can see his suit in all its glory.


We can see here that he has a mask similar to Batman’s, but with glowing blue eyes, and that he’s rocking a pair of gauntlets that have a resemblance to The Dark Knight’s as well, along with the trademark Arkham Asylum logo on his chest.

In this next picture, we get a more detailed full body image of Batman’s evil, gun-toting counterpart, as well as a glimpse at what he’s capable of.


It looks like his lower body has much less armor than the upper body of his suit, having his armored boots (which are, again, similar to Batman’s) and a pair of camouflage pants complete his get-up. What’s more interesting about this pic is the fact that The Arkham Knight has Batman under foot, gun aimed, and ready to be executed. We’ve been told that he’s a formidable enemy for the Bat, but this really gives us an idea of just how serious they were.

In the final shot, we see The Arkham Knight in action, seemingly jumping through the air, firing at an unknown target.


I’m now wondering why the villain would copy so much from Batman, but not the cape. Does he have other means of gliding that we aren’t able to see in the picture? Some sort of technology more advanced than Batman’s, perhaps? Or is this guy just jumping from rooftop to rooftop, without the aid of a cape to ensure a graceful landing?

Although Rocksteady is saying that this character is original, and designed completely for the Arkham series, I think that his true identity must be one that’s already been established. Obviously, the character has to have had a close relationship with Bruce, and must know of his crime fighting, given that much of the gear is inspired by or exactly the same as gear he’s worn before.

Could we be seeing the Arkham version of Red Hood? Could the Tim Drake we saw in Arkham City have gone mad and this will be his version of Jason Todd’s story? We still have no idea, but let us know what you think the deal is behind The Arkham Knight!

Batman: Arkham Knight will release on PS4, Xbox One, and Windows on October 14, 2014.

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